Public Services

  1. Refugee transport, evacuation (click to DM)

    Your dearest in danger of the Galactic Empire and you want them safe. You think your current home is ruled by a tyrant, but you can't afford to leave it on your own. Your heart sinks every minute when you think about the slaves on Imperial ground.

    A lot of people are in need of rescuing and CTS offers a way to solve all of the above problems. Our well trained pilots are able to sneak into enemy territory without getting noticed. "Quick and efficient" is how we do our work to avoid any bloodshed.

  2. Raw Material Transportation (click to DM)

    You have a mine and no way to transport your materials to your home. You are in need of a lot of cargo space, but you can only provide a small fighter. Your family is begging you to build a new house and you have no way to get the needed materials to your homeplanet.

    CTS offers a large fleet of ships which can transport any material you might need. Our pilots are aware of your urgency and will do their best to accomplish every mission as soon as possible.

  3. Passenger Shuttle Service (click to DM)

    Your sister is stuck on a planet. Your relatives need transport to a wedding, but no public transport can bring them. You just bought a pet which can't travel on its own. The new singer of your band can't leave his home, because of an Imperial blockade.

    CTS is eager to help you out of this. Our pilots are used to strange passengers and always welcome a new adventure. The services available on our ships are excellent and will serve any kind of passenger.

  4. Vessel Transportation (click to DM)

    You have 10 ships, but 1 is in the outer rim and you want them together. Your teenaged son took your fighter for a joyride and ditched it on the other side of the galaxy. You bought a new ship but it's deep in Imperial space.

    Welcome to Vessels, the busiest department in CTS. We are used to traveling great distances to move any ship, no matter how slow or large it is. We will do our best to move your ship as fast and safe as possible.

  5. Logistical support (click to DM)

    You can't figure out if a Combatspeeder takes more space than a Hoverscout. You are overburdened with what you need to build a new house and where to get the materials. You have frozen your biggest enemy in carbonate and now want it hanging in your personal residence.

    CTS provides a wide range of personal who are trained in this kind of planning and executing. We have a wide variety of ships in our fleet to meet your needs. We are sure to find the right pilot for the mission as well.

Transportation Costs

Capital Ships, Frigates, Corvettes:600,000 credits per ship
Heavy Freighters:350,000 credits per ship
Light Freighters, Gunboats, Fighters, Satellites:100,000 credits per ship
Vehicles:100,000 credits per vehicle
Items:10,000 credits per cargo container (crate). An additional 15,000 credits per city pick-up location
NPC's & Droids:15,000 credits per NPC/droid. An additional 15,000 credits per city pick-up location
PC Transportation:800,000 credits flat fee per player-character transported
Raw Materials:500,000 credits per BFF-1 Bulk Freighter of raw materials transported
1,200,000 credits per Modular Taskforce Cruiser of raw materials transported
6,000,000 credits per Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler capacity of raw materials transported

Note: CTS reserves the right to reject any request that is deemed to be too risky and contains to much hazard for the pilot.